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Enter a new dimension where you can disconnect from the noise and reconnect with yourself. Namibia is a rare gem on the African continent, embodying the values of harmony and balance. Its natural wonders and pleasant climate offer a haven for introspection and contemplation.

In Namibia, where life proceeds at a gentler pace and the people are more welcoming, we are compelled to confront aspects of ourselves that we may typically overlook. Namibia serves as a mirror, reflecting our own nature and urging us to acknowledge the parts of ourselves we may have been ignoring or neglecting. It feels as if not only are you observing life, but life itself is observing you.

Namibia allows you to perceive life as a metaphorical entity, transcending the limits of our daily existence and connecting with something greater than ourselves. It is not merely a destination to visit but a state of mind to experience. It is a place where you can reset and realign with your true purpose, a space for personal growth and transformation, where you can shed the trappings of modern life and rediscover the simple pleasures of existence.

Timur Sardarov, president of Marula Conservation Park

Timur Sardarov, president of Marula Conservation Park

We honour the rich culture of Africa, seeking symbolic sources to imbue our journey to Namibia with deeper aesthetic and cultural significance. It is natural to desire sharing the breathtaking beauty and vibrant experiences of this land with those closest to us.

The “Eban” sign, which forms the basis of our symbol, represents love, safety, and security. It symbolises a home surrounded by a protective fence, safeguarding our loved ones from external threats. Our aim is not only to provide our guests with a sanctuary from the oversaturated world but also to preserve and protect the flora and fauna of Namibia.


The park is primarily dedicated to the preservation of Namibia's wildlife.

The park is primarily dedicated to preserving Namibia’s wildlife. The staff at Marula are devoted to the care of all living creatures within the park, ensuring that their natural habitats remain undisturbed. Medical assistance, vaccinations, and health checks are provided for the animal population to maintain a healthy ecosystem.


Marula Conservation Park also features eco-friendly gardens, which supply the park with fresh food while contributing to sustainable agriculture.

The gardens are cultivated in an environmentally sustainable manner, ensuring that the park remains self-sufficient and environmentally responsible. Our solar panels provide 70% of the electricity needed to maintain the grounds, utilising natural resources efficiently.


Marula Conservation Park is more than just a tourist attraction

The park has a deep commitment to the Namibian community and its environment. Marula provides housing for approximately 120 families and creates employment opportunities to support the local economy. Additionally, the park is constructing a school with 12 hostel blocks to accommodate up to 200 students from grades 0-12. There will also be nine dwelling blocks for teaching and administrative staff. The school will be free of charge, ensuring that children do not have to separate from their parents to receive an education.


Adventure for the whole family

At Marula Conservation Park, we aim to introduce the incredible Namibian experience to the younger generation by creating a family-friendly environment. We prioritize the safety and comfort of families, and therefore, we provide all the necessary equipment for even the smallest children, such as chairs, beds, sterilizers, and more. Moreover, we ensure safety during activities and offer assistance from our chefs in creating a suitable menu for your kids. Additionally, our staff is always willing to keep your children entertained and looked after, whether you are going on a romantic getaway or a night safari.



We work closely with local communities to maintain their traditions and unique aspects of the region’s traditions. At the same time we do everything to protect the wildlife without disturbing the fragile balance of this unique nature.


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