Horse Riding

A new level of recreationin Marula Conservation Park

Horse riding

The Marula Palace Hotel chain offers guests a unique horseback riding experience

Horseback riding online is a unique experience that will allow you to enjoy driving a horse

  • Training

    Before the start of riding, guests receive a short training that will help them master the basics of horse management and safety during the trip

  • Routes

    Guests are offered various routes that pass through beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Open spaces and scenic trails will allow guests to enjoy the beauty of nature

  • Experienced instructors

    All trips are conducted under the guidance of experienced instructors who will help guests feel confident and comfortable on horseback

  • Equipment

    All necessary equipment is provided to guests, including saddles, reins and helmets

Horse riding is available for lodge guests:

entertainment is available for guests of our hotel chain

We guarantee that you will spend an unforgettable time and get a lot of positive emotions!

Our relaxation program is designed to allow you to enjoy all the beauty of African nature and culture while staying in the comfort and safety


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